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What are bioidentical hormones and their advantages? The Rimkus Therapy

Actually, “bioidentical hormones” is a colloquialism. Basically, we are talking about a treatment method which uses hormones whose structure is identical to the original, unmodified human hormones.

If hormones are “human-identical”, meaning identical to the hormones which our (“human”) body produces itself, then they also possess all the characteristics of hormones that are naturally produced by our body. We often simply call them “bioidentical hormones”.

These hormones are therefore “physiological” (natural) for us people in every aspect and are capable of, for instance, perfectly filling up deficiencies caused by our age. That can help with a lot of problems and symptoms that are common during menopause.

Bioidentical hormones vs. hormone derivates

Why do we stress this point? Unlike bioidentical hormones, the structure of the unfortunately often prescribed hormone DERIVATES (= HORMONOIDS) is intentionally modified compared to original human hormones in order to alter certain effects!

E.g. longer half-life, better bioavailability, such as improved absorption via the gastrointestinal tract into the lymph. Unfortunately, entailing considerable side effects and risks for patients!

When using unmodified hormones that have the original structure (human-identical, we tend to just say bioidentical hormones), then the unwanted effects and risks don’t even show up, as they are caused by changes in molecular structure.

Simply because they are identical.

ADVANTAGES of bioidentical, natural hormonal treatment / hormone therapy therefore are:


If the dosage is well adjusted to the requirements of the individual person, then human-identical individually dosed hormones practically don’t have any unwanted effects.


As part of our therapy, dosages are regularly checked and continuously adapted in order to meet the individual needs.

  • NO ADDITIVES are used that are not medically necessary.


Results & successes which can be achieved when using bioidentical hormones (individually dosed)

The results will be noticeable, “rejuvenating” you from inside:

  • improving (mental) vigor, memory (less fogginess), better able to concentrate and to cope with pressure (PTSD)
  • psyche, mood swings and depression are better balanced
  • less exhausted, more energy
  • less cardiovascular issues, blood pressure, thromboses, lower risk of embolism
  • metabolism is stimulated: lose/gain weight
  • esthetics (hair, skin, acne, wrinkles, connective tissue, edemas…)
  • muscles/constitution improve
  • improvement of libido and potency
  • stronger body defense, lower risk of infection, lower risk of developing cancer
  • effects on orthopedic disorders: inflammation and pain lessen, joints & flexibility improve
  • improvement of mucous membranes in general (vagina, intestines, eyes, nose, joints, heart, vessels…)
  • and lots more…

What is the Rimkus Method?

In our medical practice, we apply the method which owes its name to Dr. Rimkus:

The “Rimkus® Method” is a type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which was developed by Dr. med. Volker Rimkus.

The method exclusively uses the above-explained bio-identical hormones (sometimes also called “natural hormones”) in individual dosages.

This treatment method is mainly applied during menopause. It can, however, also be used if there are other reasons for a drop in sex hormones.

So, Dr. med. Volker Rimkus was the first worldwide to describe and invent the treatment method using bio-identical hormones.

Additionally, he was also the first worldwide to introduce individual hormone dosages, i.e., every person takes a different amount of hormones, exactly the required amount.

For this reason, the method bears his name: Rimkus® Method: bio-identical (or human-identical) hormones in individual dosages.

Who is Dr. Rimkus? How did he discover his method?

Dr. med. Volker Rimkus was born in 1939 and, after having successfully completed his medical studies in Würzburg, was assistant medical director at the Universitätsfrauenklinik in Kiel (a gynecological university hospital) for many years. Among other things, he developed the fundamental principles of today’s widespread ultrasonography and was later seen as designated successor of the Universtitätsfrauenklinik’s chief physician Professor Dr. med. Senn.

His career finally led him to establishing and setting up a major gynecological practice in Kiel – along with his wife Dr. med. Barbara Rimkus.

Dr. med. Volker Rimkus, founder of the treatment method named after him, at an intensive seminar on hormones in 2018
Photo: Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck

Already during his time at the university hospital, Rimkus constantly witnessed that treating people with common hormone preparations was far from fulfilling his patients’ expectations – the results were by far worse, unwanted effects considerable.

When these bad experiences with commonly used hormone preparations were becoming increasingly problematic in the practice, he started studying bio-identical hormones, continuing his research for many years and being the first worldwide to do so also for men.

This led to an unprecedented flurry of excitement in the media in the 80s. Dr. med. Volker Rimkus also visited various TV shows, such as “Jürgen Fliege”, as “Germany’s first men’s doctor”. He appeared in lots of different magazines and journals.

Successes, public relations and the Hormone Network

After he was also the first worldwide to have developed the individual dosage of hormones as further part of his method, the success of his Rimkus Hormone Therapy led to an increasing global interest; patients from all over the world went to see him – some of them came to him in their private aircraft.

He has made his knowledge available to the public in numerous talks and books.

In 2011/2012, Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck became acquainted with the Rimkus Therapy. He recognized the enormous potential of Dr. med. Volker Rimkus’ research and together they founded the Hormone Network (where you’re reading right now).

Due to his efforts, the “Rimkus® Method” (bio-identical or human-identical hormones individually dosed) was finally trademark protected, first for Germany, then internationally.

Differences synthetic hormones – bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical equals phytogenic? Wild yam & Co.

Synthetic hormones (better synthetically modified hormone derivates or hormonoids) are actually no longer “real” hormones, because their naturally occurring physiological molecular structure was synthetically modified.

So, the correct term should be: HORMONOID: i.e. hormone-like substance.

HORMONOIDS only act SIMILAR to hormones, partly stronger, partly weaker.

The changes in molecular structure, however, also result in effects which we don’t come across at all with natural hormones. Therefore, HORMONOIDS lead to unwanted effects and risks which do NOT occur when taking natural hormones.

Bioidentical hormones: production

Bioidentical hormones on the other hand are synthesized in the lab from the phytogenic precursor DIOSGENIN. Diosgenin is present in a number of plants, such as wild yam or sage or soy or subterranean clover – and many others…

First, diosgenin is extracted mechanically (from wild yam to diosgenin extract) and then is biochemically transformed (from diosgenin to progesterone). This results in hormones that have a human-identical molecular structure.

So, bioidentical hormones are NOT (!) the same as phytohormones as these don’t have a human hormone structure. But that is what we people need so that an ideal regulation through hormones can be assured.

But if “false” hormones are used (i.e. the usual modified hormone derivates), regulatory processes can be disrupted and hormone receptors and different tissue and organs may be damaged. At first, this results in dysregulation and disturbed organ function.

That can then lead to a loss in vitality, happiness and the ability to regenerate. And finally it can result in serious diseases. If at all possible, using modified hormone derivates should therefore be avoided, and also phytohormones are not human-identical!

How do bioidentical natural hormones act with women – and with men

Bioidentical hormones for men and women act in the exact same way as hormones which are naturally produced by our own body.

  • Hormones make us:
    • fit
    • energetic
    • attractive – our body as well as our mind.
  • They have the following effects:
    • prevent premature cell aging, thus keeping us young (natural anti-aging)
    • regulate our defense (immune system)
    • control numerous processes ranging from reproduction to circadian rhythm etc…

The way sex hormones work with men and women is basically the same, just that the hormone levels are quite different:

Women have approx. three to four times as much estradiol – so men have much less of it – but also men require estrogens, e.g. for their sperm to mature or for their bodies’ mucous membranes – and for sensuality and a good mood, etc…

Men, on the other hand, have much more testosterone – roughly ten times as much. That does not only show in stature and sexual behavior, but also in social behavior (“male behavior”).

Refilling a hormone deficiency – what effects does it have?

By refilling a verified hormone deficiency, we restore the natural state you were able to enjoy previously. So, it becomes possible again to stimulate and control all functions which had to be cut down due to the lack of hormones.

That explains why the individually dosed Rimkus hormone replacement therapy has an incredible number of effects: wherever there are the right hormone receptors, functions are regularly revived:

  • sexual functions
  • genitalia, breasts
  • skin, connective tissue, hair, bones, joints
  • mucous membranes – also in your heart, lungs, eyes, ears, joints and intestines!
  • psyche: mood swings are levelled out, you are in a better mood altogether, confidence and inner composure reappear
  • brain functions: memory and retentiveness improve, more willingness to make decisions
  • better able to cope with pressure
  • less inflammation and pain

Rimkus Method – side effects from bioidentical hormones?

Real side effects are in general not to be expected for therapy with bioidentical hormones as no modified hormones are used.

Because, these modifications are the reason why modified hormones act in a different way than unmodified (physiological) original hormones.

So, if no changes are made, there cannot be any other (unwanted) effects or risks.

Bioidentical hormones simply refill a hormone deficiency, which develops during menopause at a certain age. So, we recreate the same condition as used to be the case.

Adjusting over or underdosages

There can merely be signs or symptoms of a temporary under or overdosage, as the individually suited dose first needs to be established step by step.

Unwanted effects such as these could include, for example: breast tenderness or changes in menstruation or it starting up again

If the Rimkus Method is applied correctly, hormone levels will be regularly checked and the dosage of every one of the hormones will subsequently be adapted to your individual need. So, both under and overdosing can be detected at every checkup and, if necessary, doses will be adjusted.

This ensures that the correct individual dose is found and applied “automatically”.

Conclusion: What makes the Rimkus Method special – suitable individual doses, regular checkups

What is decisive for the Rimkus Therapy is that solely human-identical (or bioidentical) hormones are used, which additionally are individually dosed.

In order to ensure that the patient receives their required individual dose, hormone levels are regularly checked in your blood and, if necessary, the dosages are adjusted as required.

That way we can be certain that the exact amount of hormones is prescribed that this person requires in their current position in life.

Over and underdosing over a long period of time can thus be avoided (as can be the case with the usually prescribed standard dosages).

What costs can be expected for the Rimkus Method and therapy using bioidentical hormones

The costs for bio-identical hormone therapy are basically made up of your physician’s fee, costs for the lab and for the preparation of your individual hormone capsules.

The physician will calculate their fee according to time, effort and difficulty involved; usually one hour will be somewhere between 120 and 180 euros, but can also cost 350 euros or more. (Certain additional examinations could be medically necessary, which would then need to be billed.)

The labs charge approx. 100 euros for measuring the 4 most relevant hormones.

The pharmacies usually charge between 140 and 250 euros for 3 months of individually preparing hormone capsules according to your physician’s prescription (depending on the dosages of the prescribed hormones).

Less side effects due to bioidentical hormones – for the patient but also for the environment

Bioidentical hormones are better for the individual patient in every aspect, compared to the unfortunately often used synthetically modified hormone derivates.

But they also have a great advantage with regard to our entire environment.

Because of the fact that they are identical to hormones produced naturally in the human body, they can be broken down in our body without causing any side effects – and also, potentially dangerous metabolites that are produced can be excreted without causing any problems!

In the course of thousands of years, evolution optimized catabolic processes in such a way that natural hormones and their breakdown products DON’T harm your metabolism, DON’T harm your liver (but improve circulation) and they DON’T harm your kidneys.

And they don’t harm the environment!

For, the other NON-BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONOIDS (i.e. common “hormones” such as birth control pills) have now turned into an immense ecological problem due to their (desired!) low degradability: These synthetically modified hormonoids have been detected in numerous water bodies, in the ocean, in fish and even in mountain lakes.

That’s why some female fish are no longer able to recognize their male counterparts, resulting in less reproduction and contributing to the extinction of species.

SUMMARY – how does the Rimkus Therapy with bioidentical hormones work:

  • by prescribing the individual dose necessary for the symptoms to disappear
  • constant BLOOD LEVEL CHECKUPS and constant DOSAGE ADJUSTMENT after a certain time “automatically” lead to the right dosage!
  • THERAPY CHECKUP: in the long run every half a year (6 months)

Books on the Rimkus Method and bio-identical hormones: more information

In the course of my many public talks and hormone seminars, I have repeatedly been asked to summarize and write down my experience with human-identical hormones and make it available to the public.

So, there are several (German) books available by Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck containing more information.

Also, there are books written by Dr. Rimkus himself.

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