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Bioidentical Hormones Training for physicians
Become a Rimkus Therapist

Intensive Seminars with Dr. med. Volker Rimkus and Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck - online

We are very pleased that you are interested in our certified advanced training!

The bioidentical hormones training seminars are held in small groups.

We offer expert knowledge with years of experience on bioidentical hormones and their application – details see below.

Each of the intensive seminars takes place on one weekend (Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) More details are given under each of the seminars.

Participating via Zoom: Our English seminars will be held online.


Seminar Topics

  1. Propaedeutics, anatomy and physiology of sex hormones
  2. Age and hormones
  3. Climacteric symptoms of women and men; climacteric, prostate, PADAM or midlife crisis
  4. Differential diagnoses (iron deficiency, thyroid diseases, depression etc.)
  5. “Bio-identical” versus “synthetically-modified”
  6. Bio-identical hormones vs. phytotherapy (phytohormones)
  7. Individual dosages based on laboratory results
  8. Measurement: saliva vs. blood
  9. Pharmacology of hormones:
    1. Galenics and bioavailability
    2. Administration: oral vs. transdermal
  10. What is “Bio-identical hormone therapy by Rimkus®”?
  11. Therapy recommendation I: postmenopausal therapy: mixed capsule with a break
  12. Therapy recommendation II: postmenopausal therapy: mixed capsule without a break 
  13. Dealing with frequent difficulties and questions:
    1. Bleeding
    2. Endometrial hypertrophy
    3. Breast pain
    4. Unwelcome changes in weight
    5. “Progesterone intolerance”
    6. Pseudo-hyperthyroidism
  14. Cases prepared for practical training for the first prescriptions (hands-on – Therapy recommendation I+II)  
  15. From anamnesis to prescription in 60 minutes
  16. Cases and questions from the participants


  1. Basics and propaedeutics: physiology, anatomy and pharmacology of sex hormones
  2. Cases and questions from the participants
  1. Physiology in more detail (regarding hormonal regulation, drop in oestradiol after ovulation, follicles, related sex hormones, synthesis of sex hormones, alternating hormone levels…)
  2. Mitochondria and hormones
  3. The development of the “pill”
  4. Hormones and aesthetics, hormones and psyche
  5. Men and hormones, prostate (BPH, carcinoma and therapy)
  6. Presomen®, Utrogest®, Famenita®, Progestan® etc.
  7. Contraception, NuvaRing®, coil, Gynial®
  8. Extended indications (Therapy recommendation III+IV):
    1. PMS, myomas, cysts
    2. Wanting to become pregnant – sequential therapy = (capsule A / capsule B)
    3. Morning capsule / evening capsule
    4. Young women
    5. Women going through the change of life
    6. Post-pill amenorrhoea
    7. Treating the older generation
    8. Treating men
    9. => Factor V, endometriosis, hormones and cancer, metabolization of sex hormones, oestrogen metabolites => see Advanced Seminar = 3rd Course (Intensive V+VI)
  9. Follow-up prescriptions
  10. What to do, if? Dealing with common mistakes, frequent questions/intake schedules
    1. Intake – with a break or without?
    2. Spotting/bleeding
    3. Fatigue, exhaustion (DD: CFS, modify prescription?)
  11. Practical tips, billing, internet
  12. Checklists
  13. Cases and questions from the participants


  1. Becoming more secure in prescribing bio-identical hormones
  2. Dealing with common mistakes and difficulties
  3. Complex prescriptions, extended indications, (Therapy recommendation III+IV)
  1. Analytics – interpreting laboratory results (Rosler)
  2. Synthetically-modified and bio-identical hormones: science and research
  3. Myths and facts (taking up the current debates on hormones, partly, if desired, overlapping with topics of the previous weekends)
    1. Administering hormones: transdermal or oral? Are creams more physiological and have less side effects? 
    2. Measuring in saliva or blood?
    3. The “first pass effect”
    4. “Oestrogen dominance” as the root of all evil?
    5. Scientific evidence/studies (see above), RCT studies and their findings
    6. Are sex hormones all the same? Progestins? SERMs? Disruptors? Bisphenol?
    7. Phytohormones?
    8. Is it necessary to determine hormone levels? Or do signs and symptoms suffice?
    9. Wouldn’t progesterone alone be sufficient? Why additionally prescribe oestrogens?
    10. Better give men testosterone – isn’t that right?
    11. Bleeding that occurs after the age of 50 is always pathological – right? (endometrial hyperplasia)
  4. Extended indications / difficult indications:
    1. Factor V
    2. Endometriosis
    3. Hormones and cancer
    4. Metabolization of sex hormones, oestrogen metabolites
  5. Cases and questions from the participants


  1. Being secure in prescribing bio-identical hormones
  2. Knowledge of the current scientific debates regarding “bio-identical hormones” in order to develop your own point of view
  3. Advanced knowledge of the Rimkus Therapy and dealing with your patients’ questions and difficulties competently
  4. Complex prescriptions even in the case of difficult indications (Therapy recommendation V+VI)

In addition to Dr. Rimkus and Dr. Beck, experienced therapists from the Hormone Network will talk about their practical experience

Current topics will be announced shortly before the seminar takes place.

Topics/talks so far:

  • Holistic pain therapy with bio-identical hormones
  • Bio-identical hormones in psychiatry and psychotherapy
  • Treating obesity and metabolic regulation with bio-identical hormones
  • Bio-identical hormones and dermatology
  • A special case: treating a diabetic with the Rimkus Therapy
  • Bio-identical hormones in cardiology
  • Rimkus Therapy and erectile dysfunction
  • Holistic therapy with bio-identical hormones by Rimkus for women wishing to become pregnant
  • There are new topics every year
  • Opportunity of exchanging experiences in depth
  • Learning about “new fields of application” of the Rimkus Therapy

Dates for online seminars (Zoom)

Bioidentical hormones training - Costs - Dates - Certificate

Important Changes in place since 2019

We are very pleased that our intensive seminars on the topic „BIO-IDENTCAL HORMONES – not only for menopause“ have been met with such great interest.

Thanks to the feedback provided by our participants, we were able to gain a lot of additional experience over the past few years. Our participants frequently emphasize how useful the practical training, cases and questions are.

We have therefore considerably increased the hands-on part in our new seminar structure so that all participants have the opportunity to become more secure in the field of bio-identical hormones, regarding prescriptions and therapy.

In the course of 4 weekends, you can acquire a profound knowledge of human-identical hormone therapy. After your first weekend, you will already have gained enough knowledge to be able to start treating postmenopausal women right away.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation and will have the opportunity to – if you wish to do so – become a member of the Hormone Network and also be listed. An asterisk indicates the number of seminar weekends you completed.

Click on each of the seminars to see the list of topics that will be covered. The topics dealt with in the various seminars correlate. For this reason, we recommend that you stick to the intended sequence.
Our seminars are entirely free from any pharmaceutical sponsorship.

Our training will enable you to acquire a firm basis and develop your own point of view; you will gain the necessary knowledge to independently prescribe bio-identical hormones. You will know the differences between synthetically-modified hormones and the originals – also with regard to studies and scientific publications.

But above all, you will be trained to deal with common questions and difficulties that your patients may have within the context of hormone deficiency – and for prescribing bio-identical hormones in the best way possible.