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Bioidentical hormones – preparations, sources, buying online

Bioidentical hormones: Preparations are put together in certified pharmacies according to the prescription your physician made out for you. Read on to learn which ones are suitable and find out about hormone-containing food.

On prescription only

Hormones are in general only available on prescription. You therefore ALWAYS require a PRESCRIPTION for hormones; you can’t just buy them in a pharmacy or on the Internet!

The exact same applies to bioidentical hormones, because they too are hormones. If the hormones are also being individually dosed, the physician will additionally need to establish the individually required dosage.

To do so, physicians need to have completed additional training, which can be done with us (=> more information here:, and will subsequently be awarded a certificate.

Bioidentical preparations – hormone cream or tablets? Capsules!

Bioidentical hormones are usually prescribed as capsules. Hormones as a cream has not proved effective to increase hormone levels in the entire body.

In exceptional cases, preparations as a cream or in a different form (e.g. as suppository) are however possible.

Natural bioidentical progesterone and suitable preparations

The Rimkus capsules contain bioidentical progesterone and bioidentical estrogen; if necessary, also bioidentical testosterone can be added.

Because of the fact that we nearly always determine too low a vitamin D3 level (25OH) in our patients, and because it is also a hormone, vitamin D3 is usually also added to the capsules.

And finally, also zinc gluconate and copper gluconate are added in order to improve bioavailability.

cholesterol-related molecules: vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and progesterone are
very similar and are both derived from cholesterol
source: Natürliche Hormone, Südwest Verlag, ISBN: 978-3517094540, 20€

Natural bioidentical estrogen and suitable preparations

The Rimkus capsules contain bioidentical estrogen and bioidentical progesterone plus, if necessary, bioidentical testosterone, as well as vitamin D3 plus zinc gluconate and copper gluconate. See previous paragraph.

Natural bioidentical estriol and suitable preparations

Therapy with bio-identical hormones applies hormone capsules to treat the entire body system.

They contain bio-identical progesterone, bio-identical estradiol, in some cases bio-identical testosterone as well as vitamin D3, copper and zinc.

Estriol is not added to the capsules because estrogens are converted into each other and for that reason it makes more sense to fill up estradiol levels. Our body can then use it to produce estriol.

The only exception to this rule is the production of CREAMS or SUPPOSITORIES for the topical treatment of external genitalia or for inserting into the vagina. For this purpose, a mixture of estriol and estradiol is used successfully to apply to the skin / as suppositories.

Is there any food that contains natural hormones (progesterone, etc.)? Can certain food help?

If certain plants contain natural estradiol / natural progesterone, then these hormones are PLANT HORMONES. Which are NOT identical to HUMAN hormones. There are structural differences between phytohormones and human hormones!

Especially people who tend to use natural medicine often walk right into this trap, when phytohormones are advertised as hormone replacement for humans.

And so, quite often, (wild) yam is recommended for a hormone deficiency (or soy or clover or also hop or this or that), because these plants contain hormones.

If that is the case, then these hormones don’t have the same structure as human hormones; a SIMILAR structure, but not the exact same one. For that reason, these substances are also called “endocrine disruptors”.

They can considerably disrupt our normal hormone regulation because of their similarity, which can even result in serious diseases! So, we CAN’T recommend them.

Is it possible to get natural bioidentical hormones (progesterone, etc.) without a prescription?

No, because hormones ALWAYS need to be prescribed by a physician.

You can, however, obtain plants and plant extracts, which often also contain hormones, without a prescription. But that can be extremely dangerous because these hormones do NOT have the same structure as human hormones.

They can therefore considerably disrupt your hormone balance and lead to serious diseases. So: HANDS OFF!

Hormones MUST be prescribed by your physician and that makes perfect sense!

Buying bioidentical hormones online – is that possible?

Hormones are NOT allowed to be sold online. With good reason, that is illegal; a PRESCRIPTION from your physician is absolutely necessary – see above!

Bioidentical hormones – certified and suitable pharmacies

When Dr. Volker Rimkus presented his discoveries and observations to the general public, the need for physicians and pharmacies for human-identical hormones arose.

Prescribing individual hormone mixtures is, however, not that easy, and the preparation in the pharmacies entails considerable difficulties. That came to light, for instance, when some pharmacies produced capsules which had no (or a very slight or a very varying) effect.

In order to resolve this state of affairs and to protect our patients, the Hormone Network was founded, for one thing offering physicians the possibility to undergo further education regarding the method. But also with the opportunity for pharmacies to have the quality of their capsules certified.

Actually, every pharmacy in Germany should be capable of handling any prescription made by a qualified physician. But pharmacies have different key areas – and not every pharmacy wants to or has the possibility to go into the preparation of individually dosed hormone capsules.

The certificate helps our patients when looking for a pharmacy. And it also offers pharmacies the opportunity to specialize in one area and to prove their quality.

We have put together a list of certified pharmacies in Germany for you:

We hope you are enjoying life thanks to bioidentical hormones – and with qualified sources you will get the right quality.

More on bioidentical hormones in my (German) books.

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