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More vitality and happiness thanks to bioidentical hormones

Refill your hormones – not only for menopause!

Our therapy is based on decades of practical experience and scientific studies.
Taking into account your individual needs and without any synthetic hormone derivates.

The Hormone Network was founded by Dr. med. Volker Rimkus and Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck in 2011.
It is an independent platform as part of a non-profit organization.

Do you know


less energy and vitality 

impaired sleep

hot flashes, profuse sweating

problems concentrating

mood swings

dry mucous membranes

refill your hormone deficiency

improve your health & psyche

human-identical hormones

avoid the risks of conventional HRT

individual doses & regular checkups

Rimkus® Method:
natural & individual


We exclusively use bioidentical hormones!
In Germany alone, there are more than 500 therapists certified by us.

For all of us – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – Dr. Rimkus®

Bioidentical hormones in individual dosages (Rimkus Method®):
Why hormone replacement therapy, background information, differences to conventional HRT, information on menopause

For Physicians – Bioidentical Hormones Training

We offer online training for physicians and therapists! Become a certified Rimkus therapist and help your patients with bioidentical hormones.

For best results in hormone therapy –
Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck and Dr. med. Volker Rimkus


Lesen Sie, wie unsere Patientinnen die Behandlung empfinden und ihr Leben wieder genießen.

Lebensfreude und gute Laune!


Claudia, 55 Jahre:
"Seit der Einnahme der Kapseln fühle ich mich wieder 15 Jahre jünger"

„ …Nach Einnahme-Start der Kapseln war dann plötzlich alles anders:

  • Ich wurde wieder fröhlicher und fühlte mich fit, motiviert, gut gelaunt und glücklich
  • Der Kopf wurde wieder klarer und meine Augen wieder offener
  • Die Motivation Sport zu treiben und mich zu bewegen stieg enorm
  • Außerdem wurde ich wieder gelassener, regte mich nicht so schnell auf und blieb bei allen Diskussionen ruhig
  • Auch der Schlaf wurde ruhiger und erholsamer.

Summa summarum: Ich bin so froh, dass ich auf die Hormonersatztherapie gestoßen bin und bin überzeugt, dass durch die Einnahme der humanidentischen Kapseln nach Rimkus die Probleme der Frau in der (Post) Menopause nicht nur behoben werden, sondern auch die „Frische“ wieder zurückgeholt wird, die so langsam und unaufhaltsam verschwindet. Seit der Einnahme der Kapseln fühle ich mich wieder 15 Jahre jünger 🙂

Ganz liebe Grüße…”

Bücher & Literatur

Die Bücher von Dr. Dr. med. Thomas Beck und Dr. med Volker Rimkus.

Außerdem: unsere Literaturhinweise

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“Refill your hormones” – What is it all about?

When we get older, lots of things change, slowly, step by step. As things get worse, we realise all of a sudden: I’m getting old!

Do you feel one (or more) of these complaints:

  • has your vitality diminished?
  • menopause occurred?
  • libido decreased?
  • vasomotor symptoms (like hot flushes and profuse sweating)?
  • little aches here and there?
  • bad sleep?
  • irritable bowel?
  • changes in mood?
  • fogginess in the brain and lack of concentration…?

And yet you hope: it’s not the hormones – is it?

If You are over 40 years old and if you show any of these symptoms, it seems a pretty good idea to have your hormones checked.

It is rather likely that these complaints derive from a lack of hormones.

What are the next steps? What is now to be done?

Make an appointment with a medical doctor and ask for a hormone blood test of the following 4 hormones (this can be done by any doctor who is licensed to take blood):

  • estradiol
  • FSH
  • progesterol
  • Vitamin D (25 OH)

Now you need a medical doctor who is trained to interpret and diagnose your hormonal status.

What is so special about “bio-identical” or “human-identical” steroid hormones?

A brief history

As you might have already heard, hormones are prescribed in very different forms. Hormones are synthetically modified (altered in structure) to change the way hormones act in the human body.

In the 1930ies and 1940ies, different groups of scientists tried to work out the structure of hormones. And they looked for a way to cheaply produce hormones as in the case of the anti-baby pill and the painkiller cortisone.

In 1938, Professor Earl Russel Marker gave proof that DIOSGENIN, a precursor of steroid Hormones, can be successfully derived from certain plants like WILD YAM. Then DIOSGENIN was easily transformed into STEROID Hormones (progesterol and estrogen and testosterone). That was a revolution – and the beginning of the steroid hormone industry.

Since then, many changes have been made experimentally regarding the structure of the newly derived hormones, trying to “optimise” natural hormones.

Above all was the necessity to prolong the duration of the newly produced hormone preparations (Anti-Baby Pill and Cortisone), as natural physiological hormones only last 30 minutes to 90 minutes – until they are naturally reduced by half.

Modifying hormone structures became very common, so that today most medical doctors know hormones only as synthetically-modified hormone DERIVATES. That means that clinical doctors hardly understand the difference the change in hormone structures makes!

Synthetical hormone derivates have been modified to change the way of:

  • working and acting in the human body
  • metabolisation
  • excretion
  • duration of the hormonal stimulus
  • multitude of effects
  • unwanted side effects
  • effects on other hormones and other substances in the body
  • interaction with the biological system
  • and so on…

As we know today, it is very likely that many or even most of the negative effects of hormones are caused by the modification of the hormonal structure:

Hormone Derivates really can be dangerous and can increase the risk of breast cancer and a number of other diseases.

That is clearly not the case, as long as the hormone structure has NOT been changed.

Originally stuctured hormones (“human-identical hormones”) have NO increased risk of any illness, but improve your health and vitality!

Why is that?

If there is a lack of hormones, the body cannot do its job in the best possible way. It is like a car that lacks oil, water and air pressure. The very moment you get a hormonal refill, you enable your body to fulfil its requirements – and work properly!

This “hormonal refill” permits your body, mind and soul to work smoothly!

As these human-identical hormones are NOT synthetically modified (changed in structure), you are truly making a refill, as you are not using derivates – but only the original!

When you refill your car with the original oil and clear water and air, you don’t expect an increase of any problems, but a REDUCTION!

And the hormonal refill with human-identical hormones is very similar to that: you improve your body’s abilities by reducing the shortage of hormones!

But before you do so, you must make sure that there is a lack of hormones and you must make sure that your personal symptoms and your individual case history fit in. So, you need to consult a medical doctor to make this clear.

After it has been verified, the doctor will make a personal prescription for the pharmacy, where your individually-dosed hormone capsules will be prepared. You will take one capsule twice a day and after three months you will have your first check-up where blood will be taken in order to analyse the achieved hormone levels. Depending on these results, the new dosage will be specified. This way we can ensure not to overdose nor to underdose the hormone quantity: everybody gets exactly what they need.

Not too much and not too little!

This way we can exactly find out the perfect minimum dosage in order to make the symptoms disappear and to fulfil the individual needs to live your life without a lack of hormones!

“Natural” hormones from plants or from pregnant mares’ urine?

Are these good alternatives to the synthetically-modified hormone derivates produced by the pharma industry?

Hormones extracted from mare urine or from plants are indeed “natural” in the literal sense, but just for mares or plants! But not for humans! Plant hormones are supposed to protect plants from being eaten, for example. For us humans, however, they can even be toxic. And “hormones” from mare urine consist of many different hormone fragments, but they are also no human hormones.

This can easily be proved: simply by determining blood levels! If synthetic hormones are taken, then one would normally expect an increase in hormone levels – BUT: the hormone levels will drop!

Why? You are (supposedly) taking hormones, aren’t you?

The reason is that synthetic hormones differ considerably from natural hormones in decisive details! So much so that the usual laboratory results show LOWER hormone levels when taking synthetics, instead of higher ones! The decrease in hormone levels is caused by the fact that synthetic hormones are altered in such a way that they cannot even be detected in the usual lab test kits. But the synthetic hormone-like substances do have their effect! And this in turn leads to the fact that the body reduces its own production, which is thus suppressed…

Small changes – big effects!

Small differences can have decisive effects in the case of hormones: if e.g. a methyl group of testosterone is oxidized (taken away), then a man turns into a woman! There is only a tiny difference between testosterone and estradiol, but it can be decisive – see illustration below! Small cause – big effect!


“Hormones” are NOT all the same! Even apparently small differences matter. To deny these differences would be like someone claiming that diesel or gasoline are “in principle” the same, because both are combustible substances derived from petroleum that can power an engine. At the latest after a few kilometers, however, you will know whether you filled up with the right fuel…

As the human body has evolved over thousands of years, it is probably at least as finely tuned as a car (and they have only been around for 100 years)..

The adjustments made to resemble “real hormones” are so precise that hormone-like substances (“synthetics” = “ready-made hormones”) can indeed produce powerful effects. In so far as that they are similar to the original hormones, they can have hormone-like effects like a lockpick (imitation key).

However, many patients have had to experience at first hand that undesirable effects skyrocket when using synthetics: e.g., increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, decrease in mental performance, or psychological changes when synthetic hormones are taken.

Yet it is almost exclusively synthetics that are being sold….

Risks and unwanted side effects?

That, you do not have to fear when taking natural human-identical hormones, on the contrary: eliminating the hormone deficiency by replenishing it with natural human-identical hormones will improve your health and promote a long and healthy life!

For example, in 2016, a study in one of the most prestigious medical journals (JAMA) showed that women with late menopause (i.e., where natural hormones are high for longer), have a lower risk of heart disease. So, the body’s natural sex hormones had been protecting the heart! (Muka T et al JAMA, Cardiology 2016, online first).

The hormone-network

In 2012, Dr. med. Volker Rimkus and DDr. med. Thomas Beck founded the Hormone Network. The Hormone Network is part of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologische Medizin e.V. (= association for biological medicine).
This external framework enables training in the method – interested parties can qualify and thus the method is passed on to the next generation of doctors.

In order for medical colleagues to have the opportunity to learn about practical treatment with natural hormones, we have been offering bioidentical hormones training intensive seminars since 2012. The seminars take place throughout the year at various different locations.

There are numerous full members in the Hormone Network; these can be physicians, alternative practitioners, psychologists or physiotherapists. These therapists are trained in the method, receive a written certificate from the Hormone Network and undertake to comply with the basic rules. That way patients are able to know that the basic requirements for success will be met.

Patients can thus go through the list of therapists to find a therapist who is qualified to treat according to the Rimkus® Method. Since January 2012, inclusion in the list has been reserved exclusively for qualified therapists. The list is updated continuously (German, so far).

Again and again, we are asked by enthusiastic patients why the Rimkus® Method is not better known – and we should please do more to spread the word! If you would like to establish contacts to colleagues or to the media, we would of course be very grateful!

Training courses in Rimkus® Therapy (individualised human-identical “bioidentical” hormones)

Thanks to the INTENSIVE SEMINARS and the Hormone Network, there is now a good medium to promote dissemination among therapists.

Medical treatment:

Please bear in mind that in most countries medical doctors are not allowed to give medical advice or offer medical consultation as long as there has not yet been a direct personal contact between the doctor and the patient.